4 FREE tips on how to increase your sales with facebook

increase sales with facebook

So many businesses, big or small, connect with people through Facebook’s apps and services on any device. Facebook is a great tool for selling your products, between numerous options like ads, organic posts, shares, and apps, you have a wide variety of options for increasing your sales. We all want to make profit in our business by using social media and especially Facebook, but how many know how to generate profit using Facebook? Here are some free tips for you to increase your sale through Facebook.

  1. Your first step is engagement

facebook engagement


If you are a C.E.O of an enterprise or a social manager in charge of managing the image of an enterprise and increase sales, the first step you take in managing a Facebook page in to create an engagement. We don’t just create a Facebook page and expect to start getting profit, your very first goal when posting to your page should be catching the attention of your followers & getting them to engage with your posts. Remember, people don’t want to just be sold to all the time and they will eventually let you sell to them sometimes, but only after you build some relation or community. Engagement is necessary for two reasons… It builds trust and It increases edge rank: When people are engaging with your content through likes, clicks and comments it shows that they like what you share. The more they trust the more likely they will be to purchase from you.

Start by posting interesting content, including:

  • photos
  • videos
  • facts
  • questions
  • links to interesting & inspiring articles

You need to build trust with your followers and get them talking on your posts. Then, once you’ve built this relationship, provide links to your products or website.

your very first goal when posting to your page should be catching the attention of your followers & getting them to engage with your posts

2. The next step is showcase your product


If you want customers to buy your product, you’ve got to prove to them that it’s going to be of use to them. A good marketing plan on Facebook should focus on building a strong brand but it should also showcase the product itself and display all of the great things about it to the customer. The viewers or customers need to know what you are selling or promoting, its advantages, and how it works. There are many ways of show casing your product through Facebook to increase sales;

Use pictures: show off some pictures of what you are commercializing. People won’t be so interested if they don’t know what you are selling.

Use Product Videos: Pictures are great, but they don’t really show all the different features or the quality of the product itself. Video demonstration is a great addition. You can demonstrate all the features, which is a great way of convincing customers to buy. People tend to have better recall for videos than they do for static images, so your video and the product that it’s demonstrating will stick in their mind for longer, making them more likely to go online and buy it later.

3. Share your posts

Many small businesses increase their engagements and of course sales on Facebook through sharing their post. When sharing, you get to share the post that has a high influence on a group of people. Facebook has groups and profiles, sharing your post in a Facebook group will boost your sales in the sense that, you get to target your post to a group who can all be interested in the type of product you commercialize.

You need to create a sense of consistency and followers will understand that the page they are looking at will only continue to post content that they enjoy. It also increases new followers who will like to know more about you and how to contact you. You don’t only attract those who are following you already, but also those who can be interested in your business. When sharing, make sure to always add your contact or any means of getting to you.

4. And lastly, provide fast and effective customer services

Another free tip to increase your sales with Facebook is to provide fast and effective customer services. Customers get discourage at times when they contact a Facebook page about their product and get their reply days after. They consider the page to be none active or unreliable. Don’t be like that kind of page, provide fast and effective customer services. The main benefit of doing so is that, Effective customer services prevent on the edge customers from leaving and makes them satisfied customers. It can minimize negative reviews, increase positive remarks and earn you a reputation for solving problems. The faster you respond, the more you develop interest and increase your sales. Make sure to have a person or a team in charged of that, you need to always be active.

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