About Us

We are a design studio focuses on quality, innovation, & speed.

Our company philosophy is to create the kind of website that most businesses want: easy to find, stylish and appealing, live branding, mobile responsive and easy to use that will stand the test of time and business.

Where does the name UPTIMA come from?

Beyond the name, “Uptima" is a state of mind. It reflects the philosophy of our team whose sole purpose is to accompany you in your dynamic of “Upgrade" your business. We support companies in their digital transformation, we work in symbiosis with your Marketing team to transcribe your operational marketing strategy on digital.

We are proud of ethics, integrity and end results. Over the years, Uptima has been able to create proven, quality-oriented, and popular designs in multiple industries while enabling our customers to gain a better presence on the Web.

Let's take your project to the next level


Each project is different, we do not offer pre-made "offers" at the risk of offering you sometimes useless and / or incomplete things vis-à-vis your real need. We evaluate your needs during our contacts (by telephone, email or physical), we answer your concerns and you make an adapted offer without hidden costs


We have to our credit many projects led by an experienced team, concerned with the performance and the quality of the user experience. And, we are working on their positioning, so the SEO and paid (SEO - SEM) we know well. The principle is simple: you explain your need and your goals and we take care of the rest.


Each project is organized in a precise way so that you know in real time where we are in its realization. Throughout the project, you keep the same interlocutor who will be the link between you and our production teams. If you want to speak directly to the experts, this is still possible.

A 360 ° OFFER

We create web services for you based on your needs: having a powerful website (that you can modify yourself), a good positioning on Google, qualified traffic etc. As web marketing often requires the writing of branded content, we have gathered graphic designers for the creation of your visuals, and web editors.

Whatever your needs, we’re looking forward to hearing from you

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