How to define your client’s profile ?

How to define your client's profile ?

Most small or big businesses entering the market now, all have the same objective, which is acquire clients and make sales. Other succeed but some are not able to achieve their goals and they keep asking themselves on how the others succeeded. Want to make a stand in the market? Acquire clients and make sales? Well, here is one step we all need before entering the market and organizing any advertising campaigns, you need to define your client’s profile.

What is a client’s profile?

A client profile also known as buyer persona is a description of your ideal client or a set of ideal clients, in categories that helps for the personalization of your marketing or sales purpose. Before even starting to market a product to potential customers, it’s important to take the time to carve out the ideal consumer profile for your products. The reason for defining a client’s profile is to segment your market so, your company and marketers can find more success in selling a product and increase profits. We all ask ourselves “how do we define our clients profile?” well, here are the different key words of defining your ideal client profile.

1.    Do some brainstorming

The first essential step you need to know and do is some brainstorming. Which is a Process for generating creative ideas and solutions through intensive and freewheeling group discussion. Analysis, discussion, or criticism of the aired ideas is allowed only when the brainstorming session is over and evaluation session begins. Brainstorming the problem(s) your ideal customer has is the first step in defining who you serve

If your product or service is going to be successful, it’s going to have to solve a key problem your audience is facing. So, before going any further, ask yourself this important question: What specific problem am I solving?

Once you’ve defined the main problem your services solve, dig down and think about the people’s key demographics you’re trying to help.

Demographic profile are the different statistics you get about a group of , you need to know

  • Their Age
  • What is their Gender?
  • Their Ethnicity
  • Are they Homeowner/renter?
  • Their Marital status
  • Their Geographic location
  • The Number of children they have and
  • Their Occupation.

Each of these elements helps you define your client, know exactly who he/she is and how to get to them.

2. Know their Socioeconomic situation

This is another way to define your ideal client profile, and they consist of elements related to their household income, their educational attainment and their association memberships.

3. Define their psychographics situation

The next step on how to define your ideal client is through their psychographic profile. It consists here of their lifestyles, attitude, aspiration and interest. Lifestyles and attitudes are also important when determining your customer profile. You need to know if they are Employed or retired? How do they like to spend their spare time?  What are their hobbies? What are their shopping habits? What other products do they buy? Where do they go on vacation? What they are interested in and their aspirations in life.

4. Examine your existing customers or clients

Another method of helping you define your client’s profile is by examining your existing customer. Examining your existing customer or client can be a great way to get information from those who have bought from you in the past. You can use the information gotten to know exactly who is most likely to buy your products or services, or to interact with your content in future.

When creating your survey, start by asking questions about basic demographics as noted above. Besides demographic info be sure to ask questions about key issues and problems they face so you can better define your value proposition. It is always recommended to ask how and where your existing customers found out about you, so you know what you need to do and where you need to go to attract more like-minded customers or clients.


Defining your client’s profile is very important for the development of your business, think of your “ideal” client or customer as a person. Visualize him or her in detail. “See” what he or she does, thinks, and wants. Until you can define your target market, you won’t be able to make the decisions that need to be made about marketing, such as how, where, and when to advertise or sell your product.

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