Web marketing

The power of webmarketing

According to a study conducted, 81% of buyers search online before opting for a product or service. This figure has increased by 20% in one year. It is obvious that your customers are online! Today investing in traditional marketing via TV, radio … is still relevant but not enough. In addition, web marketing has the advantage of being measurable so you have a clear vision on your return on investment

Do you know Inbound marketing ?

It's a user-centric webmarketing metodology used at UPTIMA. It consists of gradually bringing the user to his product or his solution via various stages


Let peole come to you. Get the maximum number of users to their website


Turn these visitors into a potential customer by collecting personal information


Use this collected data to maintain their interest via lead nurturing or emailing and turn them into clients


That's it, you have your customers? Now we have to keep them, better, turn them into ambassadors

Our webmarketing tools

Setting up on web marketing strategy requires expertise in several techniques. We put these powerful techniques at your service

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We use a combination of techniques such as keyword optimization, website speed optimization, netlinking, content marketing, to better position your website on search engines. Result, the traffic on your web ste increases.

Content marketing

It is based on a good analysis of your potential customers, in order to anticipate their questions. Each content produced will have to answer a visitor's need according to the state in which he is in order to fall towards a purchase. Not that easy ? Trust us

Social media marketing

Social networks like facebook, instagram, youtube, are powerful marketing levers. Indeed, by effectively communicating on these networks you find your customers where they are. For the strategy to be effective, it is important to understand how YOUR target interacts on social networks.

Online advertising

We integrate online advertising into your webmarketing strategy. Whether it's Google Ads or Facebook ads, it's important to define your audience, your interests and then analyze the results during the campaign to optimize the results.


Anyone who is interested in your products or services is not necessarily ready to take action. That's why after collecting his email address, we use lead nurturing to help him and gradually bring him to choose your solution. Only in these mails you have to know what to say, how to say it and how often.

We help you set up an effective webmarketing strategy. Fill the form and get 30 minutes of free consultation!

Our effective action plan for your web marketing campaigns

The implementation of such a strategy requires the intervention of professionals. Well done, it will have the advantages of improving the reputation of your company, stand out from the competition and increase sales. This is how we process

Competitive analysis
You want to stand out from the competition with this web marketing campaign. But who are they?
Goals definition
Together we analyse your product or service and set SMART goals for your strategy.
Description of the audience
Who exactly is this campaign for? Better understand the target to better reach it.
Setting up the strategy
we develop a real web marketing strategy: types of communication media, budget, calendar of events
Content realization
Then, our team of copywriters and designers is at your service to produce relevant relevant content (blog articles, computer graphics, ebook, design ...)
Content realization
Then, our team of copywriters and designers is at your service to produce relevant relevant content (blog articles, computer graphics, ebook, design ...)
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